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It's not just the ideas we have ,that define us, but those we share them with.

Embracing the future of audio and voice.   On my Podcast - The Joseph Pessar Audio Expo, you’ll hear episodes, of my heart and mind. At times, they work together and  times other they are apart. My dad told me my entire, life to make the right choices and know when, to separate heart & mind. My mom, gifted me with self esteem and the importance of loving you're self!

Started this new experience on April 20, 2018 and I just jumped right in, finding that the advice I give, is skating on opinion and advice. Yes opinions are like assholes, everyone has one". So I attempt to speak truth, ideas and feelings. My truth may = your truth and if so, let me know and if not, defiantly let me know!

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About US

As a husband-and-wife  photography team, Joseph and Siw come from opposite points of view on many things. Siw is a humble, perfectionist who loves, quiet moment and details, while Joseph embraces the big picture, loud music, and dreams so big.  It's these point of views that makes their lives rich, and their photography so special.  Finding at the end of the day, they see eye to eye, in expression and life's pursuit of love.


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MITT Alt & CO.

A modern day communications collective A full service branding & event management team, built for the now!

We partner with clients to drive their business outcomes.

Joseph & Siw has built an enviable reputation in the wedding industry in Norway and the USA. Now, partnering with clients to drive their business outcomes, through events, social media and content distribution. Targeting specific demographics, focused on a core belief we call, PIE.

  • Promote - brand’s that people care about.

  • Inspire - content that moves people and is built for the now.

  • Encourage - growth, change and positivity, in the culture we live in.


    • Mitt Alt Wedding Fairs - The perfect outlet for creative couples to gain inspiration from unique wedding vendors, in the planning of their big day. Hosted by Joseph & Siw

    • Mitt Alt Kids Fairs - The best choice to inspire family, living and lifestyle. - A fun way to spend a Saturday or Sunday - COMMING Summer 2019

    • Joseph& Siw Photography - A husband and wife team, using photography to tell stories. Our dedication to our craft, has made us the choice of many clients from around the world. With photographers based in New York City & Norway, that have worked and trained from Joseph and Siw's vision of photography and how it lends itself to events, branding identity and portraiture.