Humility and courage baked into warmth and beauty. I’m in love with natural light and natural surroundings, which lends it's self to   providing personal expressions. Siw has developed a signature approach to kids and family portraiture that stands alone. 

From the time you’re image is captured to the moment I share it, the passion I share for photography, matched with the joy of being around children is what inspires me to be a photographer. Over the past 5 years my dedication to my craft as a portrait photographer has made me the choice of many clients from around the world.  From New York to Miami and home in Norway my goal is to share the joy of life's great moments, as seen through the eye’s and felt in the hearts of our children.


From framed images to school ad's and personalized CV's with bio and portraits for students entering the work force as well as established professionals looking to ad a cutting edge presentation of who they are

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