Joseph & Siw
Joseph & Siw

About Us

As a husband-and-wife team, Joseph and Siw come from opposite points of view on many things. Siw is a humble, perfectionist who loves, quiet moment and details, while Joseph embraces the big picture, loud music, and dreams so big.  It's these point of views that makes their lives rich, and their photography so special.  Finding at the end of the day, they see eye to eye, in expression and life's pursuit of love.  From Siw's giggle-filled family sessions on a snowy Sunday morning, to the large events with Joseph in Norway or NYC, they work together with clients, to create an effortless experience.  Capturing life's moments of perfection. Knowing that it's not just the event we hold in life that define us but those we share them with.

We are blessed to live in Norway!

We do most of our sessions at selected rustic farms, beaches, and shorelines, that we have relationships with.  However, we are always open to new location ideas…if you have a cool property, park nearby and of course wedding location, that you like ~than definitely~ let’s do it! The sky’s the limit!

New York City - Where it all began

Endless possibilities, and a city of dreams. Living in Norway does not stop us, from calling New York home.  Traveling back to NYC every 6-8 weeks for work.  The vibrant colors and textures of NYC provide a stunning backdrop and continues to inspires our creativity.  Choosing a location that is special to you or your family is a wonderful way to add a personal touch to your images. We have lots of favorite locations, and we’re always happy to help you select the ideal setting for your shoot during your consultation.

Delivery of Images & Ordering Session

About 1 to 2 weeks after your session, you will get an email with gallery link  to view in the comfort of your own home or on that plus size device that always seems to be near by called our phone. You are always invited to pop by our office for a sit down viewing of images along with some hot coffee, tea and maybe a glass of wine.   We have select weekday evening appointment times to choose from. On the day of your appointment, We will sit down with you and show you a slideshow of your images set to music. After you’ve admired all of your loveliness, she will help you decide what to do with your favorite pictures!

Photographers available in Norway and NYC, that share in our passion of photography!